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How To Order

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1. Select any item(s) from our Price List page.

2. EMAIL the names or list of your selected ITEM(S) (name(s) of product(s) + quantity of each. Kindly let us know your LOCATION and/or country where you want us to ship your order to.

3. Depending on Your LOCATION - WE will email you back detailed INSTRUCTIONS on how to complete your order payment by either MONEYGRAM , Remitly, Western Union or other agency's cash transfer OR a direct Bank transfer/deposit.

4. After you receive the instructions and complete your payment kindly make sure to email us the DETAILS OF YOUR PAYMENT TRANSFER and your correct and complete SHIPPING ADDRESS with optional phone number). To make sure that your order gets dispatched quickly please make sure to send us your complete shipping address even if you gave it to us in past or even if you are a returning client believing that we have your shipping address on file. Failure to do so may slow down the dispatching and delivery of your order.

5. When all done then you should receive our confirmation of received order/payment and a tracking number if applicable. In case you should not receive such confirmation email please email us back within a week please!


We ship most item(s) by either ordinary or registered airmail. Shipping by Express Mail (EMS) would cost you $40 extra compared to prices listed + cost of ordinary (or registered) airmail shipping.

For items shipped by either Registered Air or Express Mail we shall send you a tracking number for your order in return. In case you should not receive a tracking number within a week from completing your order then kindly get back to us soon after that. All Express Mail items (EMS) and Registered Mail items can be tracked on or on some countries' local postal web site in about 3-5 working days from the time we dispatch such order. There are NO tracking numbers for items shipped as ordinary airmail but such shipments are of cheaper cost and also get less attention than registered or Express Mail. We routinely use ordinary airmail shipping method successfully for very small packages in particular for shipping to countries with strict customs.

*We pre-selected items / list product quantities to make their shipping the most cost efficient. If you like to order different counts or several items combination then we will gladly email you the best price quote upon your request.

Some clients prefer to take a risk and mail us cash payment for their order (hidden in an envelope). Even though such method takes longer time it saves a money transfer sending fees and usually works well for small orders. IF you choose to mail us cash then make sure that you include your correct and complete shipping address along with the list of items you pay for. Also kindly make sure that the envelope you use is NOT see thru type. We usually wait until your payment gets to us before we dispatch your order. Our mailing address is WWVLAD, PO Box 177, SBMA Post Office, SBFZ 2222, Philippines.

For further suggestions, inquiries or comments kindly e-mail

Thank you!

Index Price List How To Order Shipping Terms Delivery Guarantee